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The Proud Bird Story

In 1967, the Proud Bird restaurant opened as a salute to achievements in aviation, offering a front-row view of planes approaching LAX for landing. The restaurant was the brainchild of David Tallichet (1922–2007), who founded Specialty Restaurants Corporation and developed a number of beloved destination restaurants across the United States.

plane flying

David Tallichet served in World War II as a pilot, flying over 20 combat missions during his service. Also known as a visionary in the restaurant industry, Tallichet paid homage to his passion for aviation by including this theme at the The Proud Bird. Opening in 1967 as a salute to aviation, The Proud Bird sits along the runway of LAX, offering guests a front-row view of planes approaching for landing.

Over the last 50 years, The Proud Bird has built a loyal and dedicated following within the community, amassing over 7,000 fans via social media including Facebook, Instagram, and the Loyalty program. These guests have celebrated countless weddings, social events, birthday parties, holiday celebrations and weekend brunches at The Proud Bird and it is clear through the guests’ comments that The Proud Bird has made a lasting and endearing impression.

How Did the Proud Bird Get Its Name?

The Proud Bird name was inspired by the 1960’s Continental Airlines marketing slogan, “The Proud Bird with the Golden Tail.” Continental Airlines painted the tails of its DC-10’s gold, hoping to reinforce the airline’s image as high quality with elaborate service. Under the direction of Bob Six, Continental was one of the early builders of the U.S. aviation industry.